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DeSantis marked safe from February

Top Florida State security officials have confirmed that Governor Ron DeSantis has survived the month of February, also known as “Black History Month”, unscathed. “There are still a few hours left, but we’re pretty sure he’ll make it,” said Florida State Police spokesperson Lou Scannon. “The odds of him being exposed to any references to…

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Little League team forced to practice in secrecy


The Palma Ceia Little League Minor B Rangers have gone into hiding to practice for the upcoming season due to the DeSantis administration’s recent efforts to suppress Black history education initiatives. “I don’t think it necessarily qualifies as Black history,” said Rangers head coach Greg Sanders. “But I guess you really can’t be too careful…

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Black Herstory Month and Black Themstory Month declared to be celebrated


Following Black History Month, 2 more months celebrating black excellence, “Black Herstory Month” and “Back Themstory Month” have been declared to recognize the achievements of black women and black trans people. “There’s only so much time in February to talk of all of black people’s accomplishments, it’s necessary we have more time to celebrate the…

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Seffner man very unhappy with new license plate

License Plate

Don Keenutz of Seffner left the Department of Motor Vehicles office on Falkenberg Road extremely dissatisfied yesterday afternoon. “This license plate is completely unacceptable,” he fumed at the clerk, a Ms. Deondra Jackson of Brandon, waving the plate that reads MLK MAL X around wildly. “I can’t put this on my Ford F-250 XLT with…

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