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Discounted oil Shell bought from Russia headed to Tampa Circle K

Circle K

The Shell Oil Corporation is reporting that the 100,000 metric tons of flagship Urals crude oil it purchased from Russia at a significant discount is being routed to a specific Circle K location in Tampa. According to Shell, the controversial transaction which has drawn worldwide scorn and criticism was supposed to at least partially benefit…

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Trump’s Peepee Tape Surfaces; Governor Ron DeSantis Makes an Appearance

Peepee party

BREAKING: Donald Trump’s rumored “Peepee Tape” has finally surfaced. This comes after the president reportedly said, “Vladimir Putin’s pets are dumb and stinky.” It seems Putin has been waiting to release this exclusive VHS for when Trump inevitably offended the Russian president. In the video, which lasts for 23 minutes, President Trump dons a long…

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