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Public water fountains to be turned into homeless bidets

Construction has begun on transforming all public water fountains into bidets for the homeless as part of  the “High Life for the Homeless” initiative which will focus on bringing elite accommodations to the lowest financial bracket. The ordinance was voted on and passed unanimously by city officials after an intense courtship from lobbyists to local…

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Business savy panhandler creates union

Panhandlers in Florida are Uniting!

As the world braces for the economic aftermath of a major pandemic a group of Tampa panhandlers unionize to better prepare themselves. long time crack user and panhandler Kenneth Stevens who is known by Bong Water on the street had a vision of an organization that could help keep panhandling alive despite the lack of “spare…

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Handguns 4 Homeless program officially underway

Handguns for Homeless program

Controversial, “Handguns 4 Homeless” program has been activated in the Hillsborough area, official as of 3:35am this morning, putting police-grade pistols in the hands of the homeless population.  “We figured if we give the homeless people guns, not only will they settle their issues with each other, but it will quickly develop a homeless hierarchy…

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