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Quiz: What kind of musician should you be?

Music quiz

Do you enjoy music? Believe it or not, many people do! But have you ever wanted to make music? Many people also do! Music is easy and fun and a guaranteed way to make lots and lots of money. All you need to do is take our quiz and figure out just what kind of…

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Local performers failing to cash in on Cryptocurrency trend

Rebekah and Rob

As Bitcoin and Dogecoin and various other virtual or digital currencies continue to re-write the world’s financial landscape, one form of cryptocurrency continues to lag behind: Exposurebucks. Rebekah Pulley and her partner Rob Pastore are two of the most popular and critically acclaimed musicians in the Tampa Bay Area, performing together as The Rebekah Pulley…

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These Tampa artists have exploded!

Tampa Artist about to Blow Up

Tampa is full of talent and recently these local favorites have exploded: 1. Jon Ditty Ditty was performing a mixed-media set with fellow award-winning talent Stick Martin at Kongos Buddha Brew in Dunedin, when a Diet Coke was spilled onto the wiring of their looper pedal, when a sudden electric surge from the outlet blew…

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