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Top 5 Most Walkable Highways in Tampa

Top 5 Most Walkable Highways in Tampa

There are many roads and highways in the state of Florida, but how many of them are truly walkable? Check out our list of the top walkwable highways.

5. Bayside Bridge (The one between St Pete and Clearwater)

Bayside Bridge between Clearwater and St. Pete

If you’re unfortunate enough to have your tire pop on this road, at least you’re fortunate enough to experience the walk of a lifetime. The Bayside Bridge is perfectly sized, not too long, not too short, so your walk to either end of this highway will be a pleasant sight to see as you gaze onto beautiful blue waters, shimmering right between the two titans of towns, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg. Two wonderful places being joined by an amazing bridge, if you have to walk on any highway in Tampa, definitely keep this one in your Top Five, as it’s one of the best.

4. I-75 I-4 Junction

Malfunction Junction

Are you on your way out of Tampa? Are you going up or down the west coast of Florida? Then this is definitely the stretch of highway for you! If you like seeing large turnabout-style on/off ramps, with vintage cement dating back to previous decades, and an art-deco style of minimalist white-stone barriers, then this is 100% going to be right up your alley! It’s not recommended to walk on the highway, but if your car runs out of gas, you definitely won’t be running out of joy, because you’re going to get to see one of the most gleaming examples of human ingenuity where this functioning junction of road and ramp meet, to create an unforgettable journey along South-west of Florida, or the East of Tampa, depending on how you view it. Perspective. The perfect metaphor for this highway.

3. Courtney Campbell Causeway

Courntney Campbell Causeway

If you flipped your whip, here’s a tip, do it on the CCC! The Courtney Campbell Causeway is the perfect place to have a breakdown, motor-wise and mental-wise! If you need to walk this stretch of highway, just know that you’re only miles away from one of the greatest public parking lots and strips of micro-beaches the city has to offer. You might recognize the Causeway from numerous World Star videos where people fight in front of the beautiful blue ocean! You can have a cook out, then walk to a beach next to a restaurant, or you can just park your car between those bushes where kids are definitely hooking up, or you can stumble over to Hulk Hogan’s Beach Bar, which is now WTR, but I think everyone will always remember it as Hulk Hogan’s Beach Bar. That place was epic! And so is this stretch of Florida highway!

2. Selmon Expressway (to Brandon)

Selmon Expressway

If you’re stuck up on this highway, you’re going to be pretty far from any accessible civilization, which is quite frustrating, however this highway is earning the #2 spot because of it’s sheer beauty. No matter where you are on this highway, your view will be breathtaking, and you will get to take in all the city has to offer. See the world through Jetson’s-esque future skyway roads weaving among the city below. Feel like you’re part of a modern civilization with this road, and if you go late at night, you can have the whole thing to yourself and practice speed runs! Cops rarely use these roads because it costs money! And they’ve got better things to do. But if you’re on this road, you don’t have anything better to do. Except maybe see Highway #1.

1. Tie Between Sunshine Skyway & I-275

Sunshine Skyway Bridge - Technically part of I-275

Both of these highways are taking first place, for completely different reasons. It was too hard to decide between one or the other so we’re choosing both, even though the Sunshine Skyway is technically part of I-275. This stretch is taking a first place victory because it’s durable. It’s consistent. It’s effective. It’s like a file-cabinet, every ramp is neatly stored a couple miles from the last one, they all empty out on both sides, it’s easy, it’s like a giant Manhattan spread out. Everything is pretty basic, it’s a big grid. Not hard to get off no matter where you are, and very accessible to society no matter where you end up walking on this bad boy. Also, you get some decent views of the city depending what direction you’re heading! At worst you need to turn your neck to view it, especially over the humps, great views! Easy access to downtown, USF, all the northern Tampa corridors, and an easy exit to the north!

Then we have the Sunshine Skyway. Truly a behemoth to behold. A metal monument to mans true grit. An homage to the sky itself, and an offering to Mother Earth which will last for eons to come. Tons of steel fashioned hundreds of feet above the ground to deliver you to safety. Now imagine walking on that thing! Whoa! Now that’s wild! Numerous people have ended their lives on this bridge which is a sad fact, however we can see this bridge as a sacred place where many people have contemplated the world and their place in it. It’s a dark beauty constantly emulated, however nothing can accurately depict the truly neurotic hypnosis which comes from a sight like this. Landscape as far as the eye can see on either sides. Beauty of the world all around you. You’re in the middle of it all. Definitely a #1 highway.

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