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Some guy in ad just talking to us like he knows us

Yesterday, presumably on thousands of Facebook feeds, some random guy just popped up and started talking to us all like we’re old friends. “Hey guys, what’s up?” he said with an assumed familiarity one might use when addressing people they actually know in real life, before immediately launching into a sales pitch for boner pills…

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Tampa News Force buys all unused Twitter ad inventory

TNF Twitter

Due to huge corporations like Volkswagen, General Mills and others pausing their paid advertising accounts with Twitter until further notice, the social media platform recently purchased by Elon Musk is reporting a “massive drop in revenue”. This has resulted in a huge block of advertising inventory from the site being available for purchase at a…

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Top Ten Worst Advertisements Here on TNF


You may have noticed that we have ads here on Tampa News Force. Not a huge surprise, all media platforms have some form of advertising. We love providing all this delicious content to you totally free of charge but we also gotta pay the ol’ billsy willsys! Most of them are pretty bad though. They’re…

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Guy who never wears hats inundated with ads for hats


Robert Mitchell of Tampa is someone who doesn’t wear hats, yet all of his social media feeds are filled with advertising for hats for some reason. “I understand how algorithms and targeted marketing works, but this doesn’t make any sense”, he said. “I think I probably own a hat or two but for practical purposes,…

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Florida manatees capitalize on marketing opportunity


Following the discovery of a manatee in the Homosassa river with “TRUMP” scraped into the algae on the gentle creature’s back, prompting arguments between political factions over who’s responsible and the offer of a $5000 reward from the the Center for Biological Diversity for anyone with information leading to a conviction for the offense, Florida’s manatees…

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