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Tampa man annoys neighbors with Thanksgiving fireworks

Danny Gwishtner of Tampa has drawn the ire of his Town and Country neighbors for setting off fireworks in his backyard on Thanksgiving for some reason.  “I couldn’t figure out what the hell he was doing”, said Kevin Hormuz who lives directly next door. “So that was the exact question I asked him: ‘what the…

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Temple Terrace woman’s neighbors somehow still setting off fireworks


Jennifer Flambert of Temple Terrace can’t believe that her neighbors are still setting off fireworks, almost two weeks after the 4th of July holiday. “How? How?!?”, she said. “Why? Why?!?” The amateur pyrotechnic exhibitions have been a nightly occurrence since a couple of days prior to the Independence Day weekend, which was on a Sunday…

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New Mayor Bans Fireworks in Tampa

Tampa, FL– A newly-elected mayor has banned fireworks in Tampa for the foreseeable future. The mayor, simply named “Mr. Ruffins,” has decreed that fireworks are a scourge on society and will not be tolerated in any form. Mr. Ruffins held a press conference in front of more than 300 Tampa Bay residents (mostly dogs) who…

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