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Tampa Bay sports makes man orgasm

Orgasm Fan

Benny Hudgins of Valrico climaxed thinking about Tampa’s current sports rosters, causing him to have an epiphany that the city can make him come more than his significant other. “I was sitting in my recliner chair watching game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs, and I found myself getting sexually aroused at the thought of…

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Tampa sports cancelled by PC culture

Outraged child doesn't know who to root for anymore

Due to an influx of hurt feelings, it’s been decided that sports are too problematic for the citizens of Tampa Bay. “They’re done.” Said mayor Castor, packing her baseball mitt into the trunk of her hatchback.  “Sports have been cancelled by PC culture, and our youth just can’t handle the concept of loss, it hurts…

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers hire Ybor chicken as head coach

One Buc Place – Tampa – Saturday, 1.5.2019 Dirk Koetter has officially been replaced by an Ybor chicken as head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “It was a natural fit.” Says punting coach, Chad Kickington. “It already says, ‘Buc Buc.’” “I used to feed the bastard.” Says Willie Perdue. “Every day I come out…

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