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Tampa Zoo to deploy controversial new advertising slogan: “What exactly do you think happens to the animals if you stop coming here?”


ZooTampa At Lowry Park, Tampa Bay’s local zoo, has stirred up recent controversy with is recent campaign: “What exactly do you think happens to the animals if you stop coming here?”. Critics claim the slogan elicits fear on behalf of the animals. Here’s what Tampa Bay zoo visitors have to say: One local visitor to…

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Lowry Park Zoo goes cageless

Zoo Tampa goes cageless

Lowry Park Zoo – Hillsborough County – Tuesday, 7.30.19 In an effort to become more environmentally friendly, the Lowry Park Zoo has removed all cages, giving all animals to roam freely with the guests. Birds, monkeys, tigers, rhinos, giraffes, snakes, and more are now completely accessible at all times, offering hands on experiences to anyone…

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Tampa Zoo to replace all animals with painted strippers

Lowry Park Area – Hillsborough County – Friday, 2.23.2019 In an effort to bring in more millennials, the Tampa Zoo has decided to replace all of its animals with painted strippers. “We’ve tried every single thing we could, but for some reason the only people who want to come here are kids and their parents,”…

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