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Dignitaries invited to be honored at TNF 2000th Article party

Party Guests

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida Senator Rick Scott have been invited by Tampa News Force to appear at the TNF 2000th Article Celebration / Free Beer Estate Sale Costume Contest, this Sunday, October 30th at Café Hey in Tampa for the sake of being presented with special meritorious achievement awards. The following was sent…

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Immediate action needed immediately!


What are you doing right now? Well, stop it! This an emergency! All hands on deck! This is not a drill!! Seriously, what are you doing??? Eating lunch? Put that sandwich down! Filling out the monthly report? Save your work and resume later! Binge-watching some show? He/she gets killed! Don’t worry about it! This is…

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Kevin Cash named Manager of the Year

Kevin Cash MOY

Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash has been named Manager of the Year for Subway’s Tampa Bay Region, Tampa Division, Hillsborough Avenue Between Florida Avenue and Sheldon Road, Not Located Within a Radiant Gas Station District. “This is a very prestigious award”, said Cash. “I feel really honored. At first, I wasn’t too psyched about…

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Rick Scott presents himself with award

Rick Scott Award

Last night in a ceremony in Tampa, US Senator and former Florida Governor Rick Scott presented an achievement award to himself. “I’ve been travelling around a lot, handing out various awards to deserving recipients, and it suddenly occurred to me the other day, you know who really deserves an award?”, he said. “Me.” A gathering…

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