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Group practices social distancing immediately after cookout

Attendees at Ronald and Debbie Flagsmore’s 4th of July cookout in Seminole Heights demonstrated exemplary social distancing practices, as soon as the event ended.  “Well, gotta go”, said Cheryl Wooding, just as Debbie got up from her lawn chair and started to gather items to take back inside. “I don’t want to expose anyone unnecessarily…

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West Tampa man has greater appreciation of freedom, due to COVID-19

Happy Memorial Day

“I mean, I never served in the military. For that matter, I’ve never even been in any kind of situation where I might have to sacrifice anything for the sake of others. Now, after seeing examples set by various people around the country reacting to various quarantine restrictions, I’m so thankful for those who did make sacrifices, knowing that they did so with the intent of letting me do whatever I want!”

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Quarantined family might actually like each other

Special report from special free-lance correspondent Stephanie Powers (not that one) special on behalf of Tampa News Force When the “Stay at Home” orders were first placed, the thought of being quarantined with her husband and two children caused 39-year-old Jennifer McKinney of Weatchase to panic. “We don’t spend much time with each other, we…

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Local man has lost track of time

Time Man

“Time has no meaning for me. It’s been so long that I’ve just forgotten, I guess,” says Rerse, who’s been home from work since last Friday. “Is it the weekend? Is it a Wednesday? Is it Christmas?? I don’t know!”

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