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City of Tampa robbed while visiting City of Tampa

Tampa, Kansas

The City of Tampa, Florida, recently hosted the entire City of Tampa, Kansas, all 100 or so residents, for a tour of their namesake city, during which the residents of Tampa, Kansas, were robbed of the City of Tampa, Kansas. “They took EVERYTHING! The post office, all the houses, the Santa Fe Trail Café, the…

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Everything you need to know about Tampa


In this write up you will learn everything you need to know about the city of Tampa, with this one-stop guide. Best Burger Catacombs Burgers on 55th street Catacombs Burgers located on west 55th street, in the north west part of the BoHo region. It’s a delight-and-a-half. Lots to enjoy, plenty for fairly priced good…

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Thousands prepare to flock to state they say they can’t stand

As traditional social activities begin resuming under somewhat “normal”, pre-COVID conditions, many people who claim to hate the state of Florida are making plans to visit the state of Florida. “Man, everything about that place is straight-up trash, with meth and STD’s everywhere”, said Chad Wheeley, a sophomore at Syracuse University. “And I can not…

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Florida manatees capitalize on marketing opportunity


Following the discovery of a manatee in the Homosassa river with “TRUMP” scraped into the algae on the gentle creature’s back, prompting arguments between political factions over who’s responsible and the offer of a $5000 reward from the the Center for Biological Diversity for anyone with information leading to a conviction for the offense, Florida’s manatees…

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Newest Bay Area Tourist Attraction Opens in Clearwater

Escalator superstore opens in Clearwater

Just in time for the arrival of vacationing tourists from up north, the Tampa Bay Area has a brand new amusement attraction; “Escalation: The Wonder Of Escalation!” at Clearwater’s Countryside Mall. Located between Zales Jewelers and the Tampa Bay Skating Academy, the attraction consists of two escalators, one that goes up from the ground level…

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