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Man claiming to be Jesus attempts the Riverwalk

Man Claiming to Be Jesus Attempts the Riverwalk

Behind the Tampa Museum of Art, a crowd had gathered to watch a possible miracle. A man who was convinced he was the second coming of Jesus Christ was going to attempt to walk on the Hillsborough River. Prior to the attempt, representatives from the city of Tampa assembled to make a formal statement. “Even…

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Cloning facility in Clearwater runs “New Year, New Me” promotion

Advanced Genetics Replication Enterprises of East Bay is ringing in the New Year with deep discounts on cloning services. “Honestly, our everyday services are always two-for-one,” said Dr. Kyle Rosenthal. “So, these deals are even more irresponsible.” Human cloning has become increasingly safe in the last decade and now boasts a risk of an evil…

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Former Tampa area philosophy professor to sue “Choose Your Own Adventure” publisher for false advertising

University of South Florida – Tampa – Saturday, 1.26.19 Retired professor of philosophy, Dr. Joel Hirschbach, has a problem with ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books. “These books are highly problematic and dangerous for children,” says Hirschbach. “The narrative of these books leads kids to believe that there’s free will.” Hirschbach has formally filed a civil…

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