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Brooksville changes its name


The city of Brooksville in Hernando County, originally named after a pro-slavery to the point of being physically violent South Carolina senator named Preston Brooks, has decided to change its name to Gosarville, in honor of anti-immigrant to the point of pretending to be physically violent Arizona congressman Paul Gosar. “For years, people – mostly…

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DeSantis criminalizes ‘freaky Asian chicks’

Freaky Asian Chicks

In sweeping new stateside legislation introduced and passed into law entirely by Governor Ron DeSantis himself, what are described as “freaky Asian chicks” are now illegal in the state of Florida. “Man, they’re weird”, said DeSantis. “I don’t know what they’re up to, with their backpacks and schoolgirl costumes and coy giggling, but it can’t…

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Governor DeSantis Proposes Florida Immigration Test

Immigration Crucible

As more and more people flock to Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis seeks to slow migration from other states by implementing a comprehensive immigration exam. In order to take up permanent, legal residence in the state of Florida, applicants will have to successfully pass a battery of tests that the Governor colloquially refers to as “The…

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