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Mayor Castor dissolves “Wrestlers Initiative”

Mayor Castor dissolves wrestlers initiative

Tampa Civic Center – Hillsborough County – Sunday, 8.11.19 Mayor Jane Castor has dissolved what is labeled “The Wrestlers Initiative,” a civic defense measure consisting of assembling and mobilizing WWE wrestlers who live in the Tampa Bay Area in case of a local emergency.  “I found this folder when I was cleaning out some old…

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WWE announces first nude event in Tampa

First Nude WWE match to take place in Tampa Bay

Raymond James Stadium – Hillsborough County – Friday, 6.7.2019 The WWE has officially announced that it will host its first ever nude pay-per-view event at Raymond James stadium. All the wrestlers will be completely nude the entire night, body-slamming and pile-driving with an intimacy like never before. “It was a natural progression on our part,”…

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Hulk Hogan Sues PCSO for unauthorized use of “The Wolfpac”

St. Petersburg – Saturday, 1.12.2019 Pinellas County Famed wrestler and long time Pinellas county resident “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan has filed a lawsuit against the Pinellas County Sheriffs Office for using the name of infamous WCW group “The Wolfpac” for their DUI task force. The Wolfpac was formed in 1998 by Kevin Nash, when the NWO…

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