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Red Tide Raises Rays

Tiding Up

Following the Rays clinching the American League East Division for the second consecutive season while compiling the best regular season record in the franchise’s 23-year history, with 100 wins for the first time, many are wondering how such a thing could possibly happen, considering that the team was thought to be significantly weaker after losing…

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Best things to see if you’re flying over Tampa at night

At Night

Sports lights Hey look, is that a Bucs game? No, the Bucs don’t play on Friday nights. That’s a baseball field! I wonder if that’s where the Rays play. Maybe they’re playing the Yankees. I wonder who’s winning! Oh wait, the Rays play indoors. And over in St. Pete. That’s probably just some high school…

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Tampa Man Discovers Long Lost Tropicana Field

The Lost Trop

Fountain of Youth, Atlantis, Tropicana Field; Mythological destinations that have long been sought after by generations of explorers. Now, thanks to one such explorer, we rewrite the history books. Over the weekend the Legend of Tropicana Field has gone from gorilla in the mist to a pin on Waze, all thanks to Clive Raines. It…

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TNF ALCS preview: Rays-Astros

Rays Astros

After dispatching the vile New York Yankees 3-2 in the Amercian League Division Series, the next obstacle standing in the way of the Tampa Bay Rays righteous quest for World Series glory is the only professional sports team to benefit from COVID-19, the Houston Astros. The 7-game series begins with the first pitch at 7:37pm…

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TNF ALDS preview: Rays-Yankees

Rays vs Yankees

I just woke up, hungover from Stanley Cup celebrations last week. I’m pretty sure I was on a boat captained by someone who didn’t speak English and I might have helped tear down a light pole outside of Amalie Arena. It’s kinda fuzzy. Anyway, I’ve been told by the big bosses upstairs that now that…

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Ghost of 2019 Lightning issues warning to Rays

Ghost of Playoffs Past

As the Tampa Bay Rays prepare to open their first-round playoff series against the Toronto Blue Jays tomorrow, they were visited by an unexpected and uninvited guest at their workout at Tropicana Field earlier today: the ghost of the 2019 Tampa Bay Lightning. “Heeeeeed my waaaarning; the number one seeeed means nothing in the poooooost…

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Rays passive-aggressively clinch playoff berth

Rays Clinch

With a sweep of the Orioles in a doubleheader in Baltimore yesterday, the Tampa Bay Rays secured a spot in the postseason, within a matter of minutes of the Tampa Bay Lightning earning their way into the Stanley Cup Final against the Dallas Stars with an overtime win over the New York Islanders. “Yeah, that’s…

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