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Some guy in ad just talking to us like he knows us

Yesterday, presumably on thousands of Facebook feeds, some random guy just popped up and started talking to us all like we’re old friends. “Hey guys, what’s up?” he said with an assumed familiarity one might use when addressing people they actually know in real life, before immediately launching into a sales pitch for boner pills…

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Will AI replace or enhance imagination?


Everyone’s pussy’s have been squirting over the new AI art programs. “Are computers going to replace us? Will they take our jobs? Are they more artistic and creative than humans are?” Yes and no. They’re creating based off of what humans have already made. They can only work with what we give them. Like science.…

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Tampa man doesn’t remember adding Facebook Friend


Kevin Sanderson of Tampa has someone among his Friends on Facebook that he doesn’t know and doesn’t remember adding. “A picture of her with a dog popped up on my timeline, and I thought ‘why is Facebook showing me random status updates from strangers?’,” he said. “But I clicked on the profile and it says…

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Tampa woman removed from Facebook group over Ukraine opinion

Tampa Bay Yum Yums

Angie Quartle of Tampa was kicked out of the Tampa Bay Yum-Yums recipe group on Facebook yesterday due to her unpopular opinion on the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine. “I still don’t understand exactly what happened,” she said. “I don’t think I violated any rules. And if I did, they could have just warned me.…

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Sadomasochist creates literal face book


A man who escaped from the back of a penal truck that was in line at a Wendy’s drive through, was captured and arrested, but not before creating a book of his victims removed faces. “We haven’t seen anything like this before, well actually, one time there was something kind of like this but not…

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Tampa Man Crafts Most Racist, Homophobic, Sexist Facebook Status

Facebook Ranter

In an effort to get banned from Facebook so that he can sue them, Douglas Rapier has published his most deranged profanity laced ramblings since being released from Facebook jail two weeks ago. “I wake up every morning completely filled with hate in my heart for any living thing that isn’t a white person,” said…

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