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HART Introduces New Park and Ride Bus Stops


Tampa’s public transit system is getting a facelift thanks to a set of new park and ride stations. “We want to make it easier for Tampanians to ride the bus,” said Reily Huarto, HART’s Customer Relations Ambassador. “These stations will let customers crash their car right into the bus stop shelter and hop on the…

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Sidewalk Improvements Begin On Most Unwalkable part of Tampa

Jane's Money

As part of a transportation improvement initiative, Hillsborough county is set to receive millions in funding to add hundreds of miles of walkable pavement to the least walked neighborhoods in the area. “It takes half an hour to walk from my apartment to the entrance to this community,” said Ellen Puggy, a recent transplant from…

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Mayor Castor attends therapy session with Tampa City Council


Following a recent series of unpleasant confrontations between Tampa Mayor Jane Castor and members of the Tampa City Council, all parties involved have agreed to seek therapy in order to understand, and hopefully resolve, their differences. “It’s what the city needs and deserves, a leadership with a united front that communicates effectively and resolves internal…

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Tom Brady announces retirement at Hooters

Brady retires

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady ended a week of speculation about his future by officially announcing his retirement from the NFL at a party he hosted at Hooters on Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa today. “It’s cold outside, Gasparilla is a huge mob scene so I figured why not throw a little get together at…

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Both St. Pete mayoral candidates are huge cowards

Ken Welch and Robert Blackmon are the final two candidates for the November 2nd general election that will eventually seat the next mayor of St. Petersburg, and while they may have different ideas about how best to fulfill that obligation, they both share the distinction of being huge cowards. Three weeks ago, Tampa News Force…

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Joe Redner offers to assist Tampa re-branding campaign

Painter Joe

The City of Tampa is launching a new re-branding campaign which will capitalize on the recent success of the Buccaneers and Lightning, and local entrepreneur/nightclub owner Joe Redner wants to help. “We’re going to post signs along major roads at the city limits that say ‘Welcome to Tampa: The REAL Titletown’”, said Mayor Jane Castor.…

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Tampa Bay Vipers caught impersonating Toronto Raptors

Trestman: busted!

The currently dormant XFL’s Tampa Bay Vipers have been caught impersonating the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, in an elaborate scheme to commit fraud and get some workout time for the players. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver made the discovery when he removed what turned out to be a Pascal Siakam mask from the head of a man…

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