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Arrest warrant issued for Door Dash ad announcer


A joint arrest warrant has been issued by multiple Tampa Bay law enforcement agencies for the apprehension of the woman who does the DoorDash ads heard on various local radio stations several times a day, frustrating commuters. “We are seeking the public’s assistance in bringing this menace to justice”, said Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gaultieri.…

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Checkers rolls out pumpkin spice lard

Pumpkin Spice Checkers

As summer comes to an end, more seasonal dining options are being presented, including the especially delightful annual tradition of Checkers cooking all their menu items with their award-winning pumpkin spice lard. “Yes, once again autumn is upon us and people crave the traditional celebratory elements of the season”, said Checkers spokesperson Cheryl Mundegard. “Hay…

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New Local Business Spotlight: We Don’t Know

ChampaBay Sports

Here at Tampa News Force, we love to poke fun at various local institutions, but ultimately we love the Tampa Bay Area and want nothing but unqualified success for everyone who lives in and does business in the various communities that make up this vibrant and diverse region. Except Brooksville, of course. Brooksville sucks and…

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Top 5 things you don’t need to worry about in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Worries

I want you to stop what you’re doing and think about the picture at the top of this article. Think about who these people are and what’s happening between them. Who are they? How do they know each other? What’s their relationship to one another? What are they talking about? All right, stop thinking about…

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Red Tide anticipating huge year, thanks to government stimulus

Red Tide

Red Tide, the harmful algal blooms that occur along coastal regions from time to time, is expecting to have a very successful 2021, something that probably wouldn’t have been possible without assistance from the government. “I’ll be honest, we were looking at a pretty bleak 2021”, said one of the protozoans and unicellular algae (e.g.…

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Best Views and Sounds of Tampa Bay

The Best Sights and Sounds

Tampa is home to some of the world’s best views and noises So today we are counting down the top sights and sounds in Tampa Bay 5. Downtown/Ybor City Trolley Hearing the dinging of a trolley bell will let you know you’re on your way to fun town 4. Ybor City Chickens The wild chickens…

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Rick Scott dismisses Tampa Bay pharmacy scammers as “amateurs”

Rick Scott and his disciples

Five Tampa Bay men have pled guilty in what federal prosecutors are calling the biggest healthcare fraud case in history. Court records show that Larry Everett Smith, Scott Roix, Mihir Taneja, Maikel Bolos and Arun Kapoor submitted $931,356, 936 in bogus prescription bills to giant pharmacies including, CVS Caremark, Optum and others with help from…

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Rays New Stadium Approved

Rays New Stadium Approved The Tampa Bay area finally has an approved plan for a new baseball stadium. The stadium will be an iconic and unique floating stadium on Tampa Bay. The plan was announced this morning at a press conference at Major League Baseball’s headquarters. Sports fans all over the Bay Area are breathing…

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