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Tampa Bay named boob sweat capital of the U.S.

The Tampa Bay area is home to many titles. We’ve got some good ones, Best beaches, best resorts, and some less than stellar like most depressed. But this week we take on a title we have truly earned, most boob sweat. That’s right! Tampa Bay is now ranked #1 in the nation for sweaty fucking…

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Florida declares tax breaks based on beach proximity

Beach Proximity Tax Breaks

A bill passed granting tax breaks to Floridians, based on how far they are from the beach. Citizens who live directly on the beach will pay a flat tax of 20% where as every mile you live from the beach, your taxes go down by 1%, to the point where if you live 20+ miles…

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Tampa Bay to be expanded

Map of Bay area that will be expanded

Bayshore – Hillsborough County – Tuesday, 7.23.19 Plans to expand the Tampa Bay are now underway, as a massive effort to widen the entire bay in every direction is now being considered very seriously by local government officials. The radical plan calls for an expansion of the Tampa Bay 100 meters in every direction, effecting…

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Tampa Bay changes name to “Tempura Bay”

Bayshore – Hillsborough County – Sunday, 3.17.2019 During a special promotion from NoHo Sushi, the entire Tampa Bay will be turned into a tempura oil fryer, and citizens will have the opportunity to toss whatever they want into the bay and have it instantly tempura fried. “This is the best promotion I’ve ever been to,…

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Tampa Bay to be Drained Because Steve Lost his Keys

Bayshore – Tampa – Monday, 3.11.2019 The bay is scheduled to be drained on Tuesday so that Steve can look for his keys, so if you’ve ever wanted to walk around on the bay floor, now is your lucky chance. “I already checked my car, and my apartment, and they’re not there,” says Steve. “I…

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