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President Trump Accidentally Trips on Mushrooms in St. Petersburg

Trump hugs tree

President Trump took a brief lunch break at a pop up gluten free and raw vegan biscuit stand last week, after holding an embarrassing rally in St. Petersburg, Florida. The owner of the stand is Pimento Teaspoon, a Portland transplant, who moved to Florida to find himself after tripping on acid this one time. President…

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St. Pete men change minds on controversial issue after argument

Dan Widworth of St. Petersburg has changed his opinion on an extremely divisive social issue following an intense argument with Rob Birdley, a man he met at a local restaurant Friday afternoon. “I was minding my business, eating a cheeseburger at El Cap when I heard this guy running his big, dumb mouth,” says Widworth.…

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Trump’s Peepee Tape Surfaces; Governor Ron DeSantis Makes an Appearance

Peepee party

BREAKING: Donald Trump’s rumored “Peepee Tape” has finally surfaced. This comes after the president reportedly said, “Vladimir Putin’s pets are dumb and stinky.” It seems Putin has been waiting to release this exclusive VHS for when Trump inevitably offended the Russian president. In the video, which lasts for 23 minutes, President Trump dons a long…

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Kanye to feature Trump and Biden on upcoming new release

At the end of July, Kanye West will be releasing a new track which is to feature both President Trump and Joe Biden. It’s poised to be the hottest song of the decade. Alas, a song so important, Apple released a push notification which took precedence over Amber and weather alerts alike. Never in the…

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President Donald Trump Endorses Tampa News Force

Tampa News Force is Endorsed by Tampa News Force...Or the other way around

During his most recent conference concerning the COVID-19 safety measures, President Donald Trump took a moment to congratulate Tampa News Force as the only news organization brave enough to report the real news. “You are doing a great job,” said Trump while pointing directly at me. “Unlike the other fake news media who came to…

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